Give me a break

so now theres this new thing. its called nightmare plains. they suck. our respective nightmares made realish seemed to be, Kamaul: sinking into the ground, Reggi: fighting wizards, and i apparently got married again.

in better news i got a strange magical dagger. it seems unable to cut living matter but everything else. so the blade slips through my hand, but would cut the leather glove. it seemed to be able to cut the illusions we were trapped in (see above nightmares) too. i can not wait to find out what else this dagger can do.

Things I Despise
From the Journal of Sir Reginald Ogleby

I’ve nothing good to say about this section of our journey. I had a most troubling dream after dealing with a most troubling man. Apparently the enchanter for Lord Larkstedd works his magic in an even more unusual way, and thus was I dissuaded from purchasing armor for myself there. I mistrust magic at the best of times, and this was a particularly unusual and suspicious kind. Though Scarlet did end up with an unusual knife which will not cut flesh; it passes right through living materials as if it didn’t exist. This knife, strange as it may be, could be useful, should we wish to fake a stabbing or some such.

Then I had the singular misfortune of having terrible nightmares because of some bit of ensorcelled land. Fie upon that, I say. Should we need to return to the Larkstedd summer villa, we will find another way around that cursed place. The dream shall remain unrecorded, as I’d sooner attempt swallowing a dagger than remember the dream in detail.

As it happened, Scarlet and Kamahl had horrible nightmares as well, which left us drained and fatigued. I am right glad that we were not forced to fight anything in that state. Scarlet mentioned something about his dream pertaining to being “married again.” I wonder if he was joking, or if he really did have such terrible matrimony that it would be his greatest fear. Goodness knows my dream was my worst fear made horrifyingly real. Should I ever get the chance to ask Scarlet further about his past, perhaps I should.


Finally a challenge! I’d fought constructs before, but they seem like malformed pups compared to these true beasts! They laid me on my ass, but not after I’d put two of them down for good. This is what I’m out here for! This is the battle I seek! Fortunately this battle will be far from my last. Reg and Scarlet were able to take out the last two and healed me with the help of a strange shaman-construct which will be traveling with us. I live to fight another day because of these men, something I never thought I’d say but find myself happy to.

The Mirari was right, there were no more challenges for me in the mountains. At first I was worried there were none left in the world, but finally I’ve seen what’s truly out here. Fighting in a group like this is strange to me, but so long as our opponents do the same I see no loss of glory in the victory. Though it has been too long since I’ve faced a true champion…how does that prayer go…

“Fiers! Master of the mountains and their flame! Father of the Great Lady! Forger of my forefathers and our dwarven brethren! Bring me a champion to face that I might spill his glory and his guts!”

...close enough,

- Kamahl

gunna need new armor

so… we made it to the first check marker, which unfortunately told us to go back were we had just come from. i think we may not be the only ones with a copy of this map, the location was heavy guarded by golems, which we were ill prepared to face. it was a extremely tough battle and non of us made it though with out some severe damage (first i got hurt during this trip so far!)

Kamual seem to be… overly interested in killing things. a slight hazard through the woods were some pesky semi magical cats with sometimes valuable fur. so Kamual decided to go kill some with fire. he got… amusingly cut in the face but bagged four of the lil buggers and managed to get a trio of pelts. he seemed to have a problem with nobility, which i can understand, but with his lack of subtlety or tact i suspect he could get us in trouble if we attempt to deal with any of the noble houses much. at least if he is included with negotiations anyway.

Reggi seems to be very chummy with the nobles in general which will most assuredly come in handy as garnering favors and a firm reputation with one or more houses will help us extraordinarily well as we seek our treasure.

we picked up a construct that, according to it, was built to provide healing. it is demanding a cut of the profits and we will need to supply some of its components for its magic but other then that it seems… not terribly hostile? i certainly feel it is more likely that Kamaul will attempt to kill the rest of us rather then the this HK-4d7 anyway.

Justice Shall Prevail
From the Journal of Sir Reginald Ogleby

Wayfaring in a strange land where strange creatures, creatures hostile, and minor nobles can be either bane or boon is no new experience to me, but this time I have noticed something different. Before, my beliefs and actions were never challenged by those I traveled with, neither were their deeds a trial to me. Such is not the case on this journey. Something dark lurks within Kamahl, though most of his thoughts and feelings are either plain to see on his face or plainer still through his immediate deeds. And Scarlet… well, it will perhaps take a minor miracle for me to trust him fully. Rogues, and worse yet, rogues who use magic, are my least trusted category of individual. And unlike Kamahl, I can seldom tell what Scarlet is thinking. He jests, but there is bite to his humor. One day, perchance, I may meet the man and not the mask.

Perhaps I will learn more on this Quest than I have in previous ones.

I certainly learned that I have come to care for these two more quickly than experience with past journeys this short have led me to expect. Kamahl nearly died in our battle with some cursed constructs, creations of a wizard most foul and murderous, who will surely taste my blade before I draw my last breath. I think only my clumsy attempts at first aid saved his life, though it was more likely that the immediate aid of… well, a strange new companion, was what saved him. We have “acquired” an intelligent construct, one HK-4D7, who which that is skilled in the administration of healing potions. An injection from this construct cured much more damage far quicker than downing a barrel of potent potion. He It The construct will undoubtedly be invaluable whilst I travel in a party with no means of magical healing save Scarlet’s wands.

Also I regret having overestimated Kamahl’s tendency to charge into battle, and it may have nearly cost the man his life. Next time, I will take my cue on tactics from him, rather than anticipate his actions, lest he be left without the aid of my shield. It would be unseemly and perhaps insulting to a man of his martial prowess to apologize for my mistake now, but in secret apology, I shall buy the first round of drinks the next time our path leads us into a pub.

never go back

Our that city…. is weird. After a slightly eventful trip over the ocean [pirates! got their booty] we arrived at our point zero to head off. The village seemed to be populated by normal-ish people. But soon i started to get bad vibes from them. At first i thought they were just stuck to an odd set of laws and traditions, like Reggi happens to be, but no further investigation proved otherwise.

They had a party that night and has given us a fine room for free (suspicious!) and then a series of half nude females to flirt with us. Kamaul quickly went off to have sex with the first one willing to part her legs for him, but Reggi’s code of honor proved useful (unusual for a code of honor to actually help!) and he declined sudden unprovoked sex with a strange (very!) woman. I had noticed a series of odd… ticks and twitches amongst the women (i suspect the men too but I may have just not noticed) so i declined. I brought my suspicions to Reggi, and he agreed that we should leave sooner rather then later.

The next day both me and Reggi had it in out mind to leave quickly. Kamaul was reluctant to but agreed to leave now. We were unfortunately confronted at the gate by Kamaul’s new child. This prompted me to leave faster, as my old boating instructor was fond of bellowing “its a trap!” the admiral was always a bit paranoid. I felt some magic tug at me as i left, which prompted me to leave faster.

I had to wait for a few hours across the bridge for Reggi and eventually Kamaul to catch up to me. then i realized i had left and been unable to buy any items! curses!


Apparently when your shaman tells you you’re sterile, they’re not including people made of energy. Go figure.

The boy is strange, much like the rest of his mother’s race. I’ve sent him on to be raised by Balthor and Jeska. If there’s any Pardic blood pumping through his veins, they’ll make a proper barbarian of him yet. Fiers, what a strange time this has been…

The tournament in…whatever town that was…was as pathetically easy as I expected. No challenges worthy of my time, nor any of the champions. The spider was something of a fight at least, but having two people matched with me against it seemed hardly fair to the beast. The tournament gave us a prize of a map, which supposedly leads to the mage’s city of Atlantia, lost some time ago. If the map’s right, we should find a prize there worth of a Pardic champion. Well, a champion and two others. The prize was granted to the three winners of the games – myself, a northern knight that goes by “sir” Reginald, and a task mage who goes by Scarlet. They’re competent enough despite not being barbarians, and what they lack in strength Reginald make up for in defense and Scarlet in guile. They’re good men and good company which is good enough for me.

The Mirari’s been quiet since I left the mountains. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I guess we’ll see.

- Kamahl

A Quest for Treasure
From the journal of Sir Reginald Ogleby

By the Twelve and One, I seem to have found mine self embroiled in strange events in strange lands, accompanied by strange folk.

Though I was lucky enough to win the armor and shield division of a local tournament, I almost did not survive the next encounter: a battle with a demon spider of some sort. Its poison was… most foul, and made me look a weak fool in front of the crowd, not to mention the two men I have found mine self accompanied by.

Their names are Kamahl and James the Scarlet. Kamahl is a man of the Pards, one of the mountain ranges near here. He is a prime example of his people: fierce in combat, and without even a hint of civilized refinement. I envy him a bit his battle prowess, which is far more perilous than mine, but at the same time, my travels with him have since shown that he may need a bit of looking after if we travel through towns consisting of more than a pair of thatch-roofed huts.

James the Scarlet is a man I would have stand by my side any day… but not watch my back. He’s both a mage and a coward, but nonetheless a refined man, and one who knows his way about merchants and cities. He’s helped our party fetch more than fair prices on the spoils of our victories. He has the personality of sandpaper, however, and insists on mispronouncing my name, among other irritants.

But I do believe our last trial showed not only their true characters, but also a sample of the strangeness that is to come as we seek this lost treasure. We stopped in Hythe Wellyn, a port town of surpassing strangeness. There we found an inn of such grandeur that I may never see its like again. The things I could describe… were I a bard, and trained in handling a quill as well as I handle mine armor and shield. Suffice to say it rivaled or surpassed the courts of kings. And we stayed for free.

Or did we? It seems the race of creatures that live there, despite their more or less human appearance, rely on others for reproduction, taking their seed and creating more energy with it. Kamahl, good-natured barbarian that he is, bedded a wench there, and within the day, she produced him a son, who looked to be about ten years of age. He was capable of speech, coherent speech at that. So coherent in fact it was uncanny, and for some reason I found the brat infuriating.

Scarlet trusted me with his apprehensions about that place and its people, and for this I shall endeavor to trust him with mine own. He seems to have a rational head on his shoulders, and not prone to charging in headfirst, or perhaps, to wit, with other parts of his body first as Kamahl did.

Perhaps now that we have survived this, we shall work together all the better for it.


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