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The Player/DM Co-Wiki System

This is going to be a Skeleton Wiki. Just post your character on the characters page and update the wiki yourself with any information you feel will be pertinent to the campaign.

You have my permission to create and edit wiki pages, characters, etc. Go nuts. I will post a few things here and there, but mostly it will be your responsibility as the payer to remember most of what I tell/give you.

If adding things to the wiki helps you do that, more power to you. If you do edit or create a wiki page make sure to leave a signature on the bottom of the page. I.E. Created by:, or Edited by: and then your name and the date.

Do Not Edit the Main Page. Click the “Create New Page” button to the right. Also any wiki pages created or edited without Name and Date will be deleted or have the edits undone.

Main Page

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